or the art of one-upmanship

by Francoeur

FORMAT: 16.5 x 23 cm - 116 pages
GENRE: History
ISBN: 2 95 13135 1 9
CODE: 978 2 95 13 135 14
AUTHOR : Gérard FRANCOEUR, retired physician, Paris.

"...He loved four things : game, laughing, money, and women" (France-Inter)

"...May be a novelist, a historian, a poet, a humorist" (France-Soir)

"There was a man who surpassed Napoleon, the Tsar and the Pope. A crippled man that blew them away and who imposed his views and prophecies on today's Europe to them. This man was nicknamed the Prince of Evil, the Snake, the Sphinx, or the Lame Devil. The whole world envied us this character. This man was Talleyrand.

Nevertheless this Prince, who was limping his way thru life and who stays to this day the greatest diplomat of all times, liked most of all… a good laugh! He would sharpen his compelling sense of humor on everybody. For example he once said:

-"The United States have thirty-two religions but only one dish."

-"The only use of a man's beauty is only to make him save two weeks."

-"Why would this minister be incapable of saving France? Didn't gooses save the Capitole?"

Because he, Talleyrand, did save France in 1815 and yet not even one boulevard in Paris to this day bears his name. Why? This is the story I will tell here. Once upon a time, there was a Prince who loved games, good laughs, money and women.

Pay attention: here comes the most extraordinary comedian. Curtain up for the entrance of the Prince of Talleyrand!"


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